Testimonial from the Berkshire Athenaeum All-Ages program

Berkshire Athenaeum, Pittsfield, Mass.
July 6, 2011

Program:  Latin & Spanish Travels (click HERE to find out about Aaron’s Enrichment Programs)

Aaron Larget-Caplan performed today at The Berkshire Athenaeum to an audience of 90 children and parents.  Aaron’s musical talent surpassed my expectations; he is a true musician capable of playing alongside John Williams or any other famed classical guitarist.  When I closed my eyes and listened, I was transposed by his music.

So maybe you’re asking how this was appropriate for Children’s programming?  Aaron gave wonderful explanations about his instrument and music.  He told stories and explained how his music was itself a story.  He played and asked the children to guess what the music was about.  One little girl gave a great story about the music of F.M. Torroba:  “A prince met a princess and they lived in a castle and had a daughter named Marial, and she would ride her horse from castle to castle and then she was lonely and then…(pause)…¡Olé!”

Aaron was great at keeping the children’s interest in a genre of music and style that they had probably not heard before.  He introduced them to musical terms and stories of the Latin world which fit right in with our Summer Reading Program them: “One World Many Stories.”  It was a fun and educational performance.

As the Children’s Librarian and an administrator it was a pleasure to work with him.  He was easy to work with, pleasant and kind.  On a side note, he was also great and gracious to tune my guitar and give a short private performance after the main event.

– Miss. Nan

No you Can't Touch my guitar!!

No you Can't Touch my guitar!!

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