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Recent testimonials on Aaron’s playing and musical life

“Mr. Larget-Caplan represents the ideal 21st century artist. His performances combine the traditional expressivity with contemporary passion. He is that rare musician that can deliver both virtuosic fireworks and poetic reflection, often integrated into a single interpretation. More than just a guitarist, he is an ambassador of the instrument who continues to champion and commission new music to further its appreciation.”

-Thomas Schuttenhelm, composer & guitarist

“You’ll have to hear him to understand. Aaron Larget-Caplan is a luxurious guitarist. We all grew up with guitar playing, but his is sensitive, well rehearsed and loved along the way. I thought all guitarists squeaked when they were changing chords with their fingers on the guitar neck. But in our time together, I may have heard him squeak quietly about two times. I thought it was just to be accepted, couldn’t be helped. But the music, ah in the stillness the notes plucked from (what kind of strings do you use, cat gut or nylon?) sing and soothe the lonesome heart.”

-Canary Burton, DJ “The Latest Score”, WOMR, Provincetown, Mass.

The Latest Score

The Latest Score with Canary Burton