“Astounding technical proficiency and artistic delicacy”
– Boston Music intelligencer


"Aaron is a unique talent not to be missed"
– Washington Post

Acclaimed international recording and touring guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan is an exciting and innovative leader in classical music. Noted for his “astounding technical proficiency and artistic delicacy” by the Boston Musical Intelligencer, Larget-Caplan is an international touring and recording artist, who has performed solo and chamber music in Europe, Russia, Taiwan, and across the United States including El Palacio de Linares in Madrid, Spain, Sheremetev Palace in Russia, and Palazzo del Te & Ducale in Mantova, Italy. At 16 he made his debut at the Tabor Opera House, and has since premiered over 80 solo and chamber compositions, soloed with orchestras, directed concert series, created commissioning endeavors, curated and published two anthologies of scores, arranged over 35 solo and chamber works, and brought classical music into schools and communities. A gifted performer and speaker, he is sought for his deft programming of new and standard repertoire, while connecting with audiences with a Bernstein-esque ease. In 2019 Aaron received a medal from the Société Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres of Paris, France for his trailblazing work in music, and in 2020 was Musician in Residence at the Banff Centre for the Arts and Creativity.

Mr. Larget-Caplan has seven critically acclaimed solo albums: Drifting (2021), A Guitar Holiday (2021), Nights Transfigured (2020), John. Cage. Guitar. (2018), The Legend of Hagoromo (2015), New Lullaby (2010), Tracing a wheel on water (2006), and he is featured four others as a soloist and chamber music for record labels Albany, Navona, and the American Composers Alliance. The recordings have received critical acclaim from Audiophile, Fanfare, American Record Guide, Guitar Magazine and many more with such response as “stunningly played” (Fanfare), "eclectic and endlessly rewarding release" (Classical Guitar), “A Significant Recording” (Classical Guitar UK). He became the first American artist on the UK label Stone Records in 2015.

Aaron is the founder of numerous commissioning and performance endeavors, including the New Lullaby Project, which bridges the chasm of fear audiences towards contemporary music and composers to writing for guitar, for who's afraid of a lullaby?! Since 2007 Aaron has premiered 65 new lullabies by 60 different composers from ten countries. In January 2021, Mr. Larget-Caplan in partnership with the American Composers Alliance began publishing a multi-volume anthology featuring scores of the New Lullaby Project. Volume 1 'Nights Transfigured' features 15 solos and volume 2 'Hushed' features 16.

Aaron is collaborating with composer Vineet Shende of Bowdoin College for 12 Carnatic Preludes, After J.S. Bach, a re-imagining of Bach preludes from the Well-Tempered Clavier as if Bach were from South India (Carnatic music).

Aaron is also the founder of the ensemble ¡Con Fuego! (With Fire!), a passionate cross-fertilization of flamenco dance and Spanish classical music featuring acclaimed dancer La Conja and Gabriela Granados, the trio has performed throughout the Northeast, New Mexico, Oregon, and Colorado.

From 2010-2014 Aaron directed Greater Boston House Concerts presenting 23 international artists, and his latest endeavor, “Now Musique – Exploring the New & Neglected” debuted in 2019 and will continue in 2022.

His groundbreaking 2 volumes of arrangements of John Cage are exclusively published by Edition Peters and are the first officially sanctioned arrangements of Cage for guitar. The American Record Guide called his transcription of Cage's 'Bacchanale' for two prepared guitar "marvelous". The Guitar Foundation of America wrote: “I would strongly advocate these [Cage] compositions to be performed by young guitarists before they start working on any other contemporary composers". Larget-Caplan also performs his own arrangements of Bach, Scarlatti, Rodrigo, and many Spanish composers. Larget-Caplan recently received exclusive permission from the estate of Reynaldo Hahn and Édition Musicales Alphonse Leduc to perform his arrangements of Hahn’s “Mélodies” for voice and guitar. Upcoming publications include music of Cage, Alan Hovhaness, Hahn, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, and Pascual Marquina.

Larget-Caplan's published articles include: “Have Guitar, Will Travel – To Russia With Love”, The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon, and “Meet the Luthier with Sicilian Builder Franco Marino”, Boston Classical Guitar Society Quarterly. Interviews of Aaron include “Building a career through talent and savvy”, The Triangle, and “On the Trail with Lullaby Hunter, Aaron Larget-Caplan”, Fanfare Magazine where he was noted for his “enthusiasm and virtuosity”. He has given lectures Being an Artist Entrepreneur in the 21st Century, John Cage Guitar, Writing for Guitar, and Creating Commissioning Projects at universities as well as the Guitar Foundation of America, the 21st Century Guitar Conference, New Music Gathering, and for the international music fraternity ΜΦΕ. His John Cage Guitar and Legend of Hagoromo lectures were accepted to the IGRC in 2019 in Hong Kong. Aaron has appeared on numerous radio and television stations across the US including Conducting Conversations, and Classical Guitar Alive, and held online roundtables on Composing for Guitar.

Mr. Larget-Caplan has received awards and grants from the Société Académique Arts–Sciences–Lettres of France, American Composers Forum, New England Foundation for the Arts, American Composers Alliance, New England Conservatory, D’Addario Foundation, Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation, numerous Local Arts Councils, he was awarded as an I.D. LOTT – Identifying Future Leaders of Today and Tomorrow for his artistic and community work in Dorchester, and he was named an ACME Honoree as a distinguished Artist and Educator by the international music fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon. A proponent of live classical music in society and arts in education, he gives enrichment programs and artist residencies alongside formal concerts throughout the country and internationally.

Aaron is currently on faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston and formerly at the Boston Conservatory. He gives artist residencies, masterclasses, workshops and lectures across the country, including in Canada, Italy and Russia, for the Guitar Foundation of America, the International Music Fraternity Mu Phi Epsilon, and the Banff Centre for the Creative Arts. He is a graduate of the New England Conservatory, and his principal teacher was Dmitry Goryachev. Larget-Caplan performs on a guitar by the French master luthier Olivier Fanton d’Andon and plays on Hannabach strings exclusively. He lives in Boston where he enjoys espresso with his wife, healer, and muse, Catherine.


Gregory Biss Lullaby (after Schumann) 2016
Hayg Boyadjian Mi Tango (ver. 2010) * 2010
  Cancion de cuña 2011
Stephanie Ann Boyd Esperanza 2018
Lou Bunk Being and Becoming, guitar-sine wave 2007
Canary Burton Whispers * 2011
John Cage Six Melodies (1944), violin-guitar,
arr. ALC, Edition Peters, 2015
  Piano Music for Guitar (1933-48), arr. ALC
I. Three Pieces II. A Room III. Chess Pieces IV. Dream V. In A Landscape
Edition Peters, 2017

Bacchanale, two prepared guitars 2018

Wonderful Widow of 18 Springs, voice-guitar 2019
Agustín Castilla-Ávila Perseiden 2019
Jeannette Chehile Duo, shakuhachi-guitar 2015
Carson Cooman Unfolding the gates of dawn * 2009
James Dalton A world of your own 2013
Gerard Drozd Le belle addormentate 2011
Jose Elizondo Lullaby 2002
Roger Éon Berceuse 2019
Nomi Epstein Lulebiye 2008
Lainie Fefferman Carousel, guitar+max/msp 2021
Jonathan Feist No Time* 2009
  Leaky Roof * 2009
Tom Flaherty Steps & Leaps, guitar+max/msp 2021
Alan Fletcher Lullaby in Three Voices 2011
Anthony R. Green Counting Backwards 2020
Kurt Erickson Whatever you want me to be 2005
Joshua Hahn Lullaby 2009
Reynaldo Hahn Mélodies, medium voice and guitar 2018
Stanley M. Hoffman Naomi's Lullaby 2017
Curtis Hughes Lullibule 2021
Barbara Jazwinski Dreams, Interrupted... 2020
Lynn Job The Sixth Night * 2009
Patricia Julien After Many Days Without Rain 2011
David Leisner Disturbed a lullaby * 2007
Stefanie Lubkowski Drifting 2020
Jacob Mashak Rest, Madrid 2009
  Lulubye 2011
John McDonald Chamber work 2003 2003
  Rachel * ensemble 2003
  You are alone to sleep * 2009
  Upward 2011
  Two Hesitant Duets, op. 566 guitar-shakuhachi 2015
Donald McDonnell Sonata for Alto Flute and Guitar 2020
David McMullin Sleeping Light, Spinning World 2016
Kota Nakamura Sui-hou * 2010
Koji Nakano Three Lullabies, from 'Spiritual Forrest' 2018
Lior Navok Six for a Dance * 2001
Ricardo Odriozola Lullaby for Children of the new World 2011
Barnaby Oliver The Pillow That You Dream On 2010
David Patterson Counting Sheep 2010
  Lullaby for Ewe 2012
Tim Pence The Sleeping Guitar 2016
Daniel Pinkham Two Wind Dances * 2003
  Green Wall & Little Marble Boy, tenor-guitar 2004
Kincaid Rabb Water Lilies 2020
Štěpán Rak Lullaby 2021
Thomas L. Read The moon through the window shines down 2010
  Capricci * guitar-string quartet 2012
  Concert Champêtre, guitar-cello 2014
  Traveller's Frolic, guitar-viola 2020
Antonio Celso Ribeiro Three Vintage Portraits of Exquisite Ladies Expressing Their Frame of Mind, + viola 2019
Boris Rivchun Dreams of Childhood 2015
Alejandro Rutty Down with Those Guitars 2021
Kathryn Salfelder Whispering into the night 2013
Scott Scharff Lullaby 2014
Martin Schreiner Lullaby for Restless Times 2010
  Two Japanese Idylls * 2014
  Synchronicity in Dakota, + shakuhachi 2014
Eric Schwartz Song softly sung in trying times*, + white noies 2009
Thomas Schuttenhelm Weigenlied 2011
Garrett Ian Shatzer Lullaby for D--- 2015
Vineet Shende Pravasa – Travels of the guitar, SATB-guitar 2012
  Reva's Lullaby 2017
  Carnatic Preludes N's. 1, 8, 12, After J.S. Bach 2017
Jeffrey Shivers Pentagraph, guitar-shakuhachi 2015
Kevin Siegfried Tracing a wheel on water * 2003
  Cradle Song *  
Mark Small Descent to a dream * 2009
Demetrius Spaneas A Child Sings at Thanksgiving 2011
Laurie Spiegel Watching Rain 2020
Nolan Stolz Lullaby for Sam * 2009
Francine Trester My Darling’s Slumber * 2009
  Lullaby for Daddy 2011

Borrowed Blue, viola-guitar 2019

Mineral Spirits: Black Obsidian, Sulfur, + baritone

  Lullaby for Our Time 2020
Charles Turner White Potatoes 2013
Ken Ueno Ed è Subito Sera * 2013
David Vayo Berceuse * 2008
Michael Veloso Little Dancer 2011
Ryan Vigil Home Sweet Home 2003
  Quartet 2003
  Wedding party ensemble 2007
  Shhhh * 2008
  Untitled 2019
Frank E. Warren Canción de Niñez 2015
Scott Wheeler Nachtlied * 2009
Ian Wiese Seeketh Not Its Own 2017
Milad Yousufi Kabuli Lullaby 2018


With twenty years of private teaching experience Aaron works with students of all levels and abilities. Through repertoire and exercises students focus on sound production, ease of motion and performance practice. He introduces body awareness, stretches and strengthening of the hands and arms, and mental preparation for whichever stage we choose to perform on. Aaron's private studio lessons are held at his residence. 60, 90 and 120-minute lessons are available. All-ages are welcome. A studio recital is held twice a year.

Online lessons available via Skype.

*Contact Aaron for availability and pricing.

Aaron is on the Performing Arts Faculty at the University of Massachusetts Boston (UMB). Lessons are available for 1-credit to Performing Arts Majors, minors and non-majors enrolled at UMB. Interested students should contact the Performing Arts Office for registration and lesson information:


Since his teenage years on the speech team, Aaron has received awards for his music, creativity, projects, and community work.

Banff Musician in Residence, Banff, Canada 2020
Provost Recognition, John. Cage. Guitar. University of Massachusetts Boston 2019
Médaille D’Etain, Socièté Académique Arts-Sciences-Lettres, Paris, France 2019
British Airways features John. Cage. Guitar. on all flights 2018
Southbridge Cultural Council Grant 2018
American Composers Alliance, New York 2017
Edition Peters, First Official Solo Publication of John Cage for Guitar 2017
ACME Honoree, Professional Music Fraternity MU PHI EPSILON 2016
Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Betty Lou Scandlin Hubin Scholarship World Music 2016
Southbridge Cultural Council Grant 2016
Edition Peters, First Official Publication of John Cage for Guitar 2015
Educational Bridge Project Scholarship for the America in Russia Festival 2015
American Composers Alliance, New York 2015
Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation Eleanor Hale Wilson Summer Scholarship 2014
Educational Bridge Project Scholarship for the America in Russia Festival 2014
I.D. LOTT, Identifying Future Leaders of Today and Tomorrow, Boston 2014
Educational Bridge Project Scholarship for the America in Russia Festival 2013
Grant-In-Aid, Mu Phi Epsilon Foundation 2013
Faculty Development Grant, Boston Conservatory 2013
3rd place, Denver Classical Guitar Society Debut Competition 2007
LCC Grant Recipient, Natick, MA 2007
Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant for Performance & Arts in Education 2006
Encore Grant, American Composers Forum 2005
Youngest Solo Artist, Young Audiences of Massachusetts 2002-04
D’Addario Guitar Scholarship Award, Chautauqua Institute, NY  
New England Conservatory, Bachelors in Music, Guitar Performance, Diploma 2001
Outstanding Artist in Residence Award, Dorchester, MA 2001
Outstanding Chamber Group, NEC Chamber Music Gala at Jordan Hall, Boston, MA 2001
Mu Phi Epsilon, Beta Chapter President, New England Conservatory 2000
MU PHI EPSILON Chautauqua Summer Music Festival Scholarship 1999
Nancy Plummer Faxon Award, Music Fraternity, MU PHI EPSILON 1999
D’Addario Guitar Scholarship Award, Rome Festival, Italy 1998
3rd in the State of Colorado, Interpretation of Poetry 1996
Speech & Debate Team, Cherry Creek High School, Englewood, CO 1992-96