Projects to Support

John. Cage. Guitar. Album coverArtists for hundreds of years sought mécènes (patrons) through royalty, church, and community members. Mozart is known for finding benefactors for a concerto and then writing the music. Stravinsky famously rented Carnegie Hall for two concerts, which cost the low figure of 25K at the time (100K+ now). As the music industry continues to change, I am inviting people of all-walks-of-life to be a part of my music world. See the listing on the right for how.

Favorite Composer(s)?
Commission a piece for guitar (solo or more) that Aaron Larget-Caplan will perform and record. Sonatas, guitar+electronics, fantasies, preludes. Does not need to be a lullaby. Recommendations upon request.

Albums & Scores for radios, libraries, and schools!
For every two CDs or scores purchased for a radio, library, or school, Aaron Larget-Caplan will donate a third, and send a free download to those financially effected by Covid.

Upcoming recording project, studio time, equipment, engineering, mixing/mastering, graphics, advertising. Upcoming projects include: Volumes 3 & 4 of the New Lullaby Project, John Cage, J.S. Bach, a Spanish album, and more.

Commission a personalized video to a loved one, a Valentine's or birthday gift, or want a favorite piece available on YouTube.

Assist a young person with the cost of lessons.

Concert Hall Debuts
Be a part of future concerts around the world when Covid passes. The cost of a debut Carnegie Hall concert is over $10K, but the concert could be where you wish!

Dedication of Arrangements
Add your name or the name of another on one of the over 35 works arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan. Dedication will be included on future publications, videos, and recordings. Composers include Isaac Albéniz, J.S. Bach, John Cage, Mario Castelnuovo-Tedesco, Reynaldo Hahn, Allan Hovhaness, and Joaquín Rodrigo and Franz Schubert. Each dedication come with a digital & physical score as well as a future recording delivered to you.

Custom score dedication