“Mr. Larget-Caplan represents the ideal 21st century artist. More than just a guitarist, he is an ambassador of the instrument.” – Thomas Schuttenhelm, Director Network for New Music



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Chamber Music

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  1. The Tactical Guitarist with Jesse McCann • Nov. 18, 2020 • Listen Now
  2. More Art Than Science with Daniel Shugrue • Nov. 1 • 1hr 22min • Listen Now
  3. WOMR Radio Café Classicale with Felice Coral • Aaron & baritone Matthew Hoch
    September 23, 2019 • 40:47 • Listen Now
  4. BNN News with Chris Lovett • Local Artist at French Cultural Center • September 20, 2019 (youtube) • 7:30 • Listen Now
  5. Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino • September 15, 2019
    Listen Now
  6. Performing Arts Review with Daniel Kepl • August 19, 2019 (youtube)
    38min • Listen Now
  7. BNN News with Chris Lovett • "Now Musique" Debut • April 12, 2019
    12min • Listen Now
  8. Dream Farm Radio • Aaron & Peter Janson • February 18, 2018
    58min • Listen Now
  9. BNN News with Chris Lovett • A Revealing Take on John Cage • Nov. 19, 2018 (youtube) 9min • Listen Now
  10. Off the Podium Interview w/ Tigran Arakelyan (youtube) • July 2017
    48min • Listen Now
  11. Classical Guitar Insider with Bret Williams, Episode 87 • November 9, 2016
    1hr 26min • Listen Now
  12. BNN News with Chris Lovett • Boston Guitar Virtuoso Links Worlds of Music • November 29, 2016 (youtube) 8min • Listen Now
  13. BNN News with Chris Lovett • Dorchester Guitarist Spans Musical Frontiers • Feb 22, 2016 (youtube) 7:30min • Listen Now
  14. Conducting Conversations with Mike Maino • June 5, 2016
    48min • Listen Now

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Articles, Interviews & Reviews

Boston's Larget-Caplan Picked in Paris
August 2019
The Cross-Eyed Pianist (UK), Meet the Artist
January 2019
NeuGuitars (Italy), Interview with Aaron Larget-Caplan,
December 2018
Boston Voyager, Meet Aaron Larget-Caplan
May 2018
Off the Podium Interview w/ Tigran Arakelyan (free & 48min)
July 2017
Classical Guitar Insider Podcast
November 2016
Conducting Conversations WCRI
Spring 2016
Classical Guitar Alive (Aaron starts at 12min)
March 2016
Guitar Salon Player Spotlight
Spring 2015 - Guitar Salon International
Have Guitar, Will Travel - To Russia With Love
Winter 2015 – Mu Phi Epsilon (ΜΦΕ) by Aaron
Fanfare – On The Trail with Aaron Larget-Caplan, Lullaby Hunter
Winter 2011 - Fanfare
Building a Career through Talent and Savvy
Winter 2011 - Mu Phi Epsilon (ΜΦΕ)

Review Quotes (click on links for full reviews):

“A riveting artist”
~ G. Acosta, The Washington Post

“Astounding technical proficiency and artistic delicacy”
~ J. Wanée, Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Larget-Caplan gave honor to the music, blending the guitar as though this was the intention of Cage himself.” ~ Boston Musical Intelligencer, F.E. Warren

"I would strongly advocate these [Cage ] compositions to be performed by young guitarists before they start working on any other contemporary composers."
~ Soundboard, Guitar Foundation of America, Uros Dojcinović

"My favorite track on the disc is Dream, which is remarkably lovely and beautifully realized in the artist’s transcription. [Bacchanale] is a marvelous racket! The artist, who did all of the arrangements, is greatly to be commended for this project, for which he also provided the fascinating liner notes. As noted earlier, recorded sound is crystalline." ~ Soundboard, Guitar Foundation of America, Albert Kunze

"[The Legend of Hagoromo] is eclectic and endlessly rewarding release."
~ Classical Guitar

"Aaron is a performer with all the skill and energy required to deliver a truly remarkable contemporary work." ~ Classical Guitar

"To write that [Larget-Caplan] has something to boast about would be to say too little, the guitarist is not afraid of any tempo, with each increasingly spectacular fragment coming through not only with lightness, but with wildness".
~ Six Strings of the World (Poland), Legend of Hagoromo album

“Stunningly played”
~ B. Rayfield, Fanfare – New Lullaby album

“A Significant Recording”
~ S. Marsh, Classical Guitar Magazine UK – New Lullaby album

John. Cage. Guitar. is an excellent introduction to those who want to approach [Cage] for the first time. Highly recommended.” ~ NeuGuitars (Italy)

John. Cage. Guitar., quite properly, knows no fear in its blend of delicacy, complexity and amiable simplicity.  ~ Music Web International (UK)

Aaron Larget-Caplan is fast becoming perhaps the greatest guitar advocate for the music of John Cage. ~ Classical Guitar Magazine

“The release of such works [by John Cage] is very important for the development of the modern guitar repertoire. The transcription of Larget-Caplan has ennobled our instrument.” ~ Six Strings of the World (Poland)

"The Legend of Hagoromo combines a conceptually strong program with virtuosic and sensitive performances all-around...a focused project with new music, artistic creativity, and vision. Highly recommended." ~ This is Classical Guitar

"The interpretation is refined, every phrase flattering, every sound consciously derived. This artist approaches the played pieces with enormous respect, trying above all to reveal the idea of the composers...A delicious and poetic interpretation." ~ Six Strings of the World (Poland) – Legend of Hagoromo album

“Enthusiasm and virtuosity”
~ R. Schulslaper, Fanfare

“A fine player, with a keen ear for new music”
~ B. Rayfield, Fanfare

"A great arrangement" (Six Melodies by John Cage, Edition Peters)
~ This is Classical Guitar

“Stunningly executed”
~ Boston Musical Intelligencer

“Catches every nuance of the music.”
~J. Marchant, Fanfare

“Well played and sensitive”
~ K. Keaton, American Record Guide

“Discernment and sensitive playing.”
~ J.V. Serinus, Audiophile

“An expressive touch, warmth and clarity…Wonderful pacing and mature handling of space.”
~ B. Werner, ClassicalGuitarCanada.com


“Performed with music insight and fluent technical aplomb.”
S. Kloss, Upon Listening, The Triangle of Mu Phi Epsilon


“Effortless and hypnotic tone colors." ~ FlamencoBuzz.com

“He’s doing everything right — and playing very well.”
~ S. Miron, Boston Musical Intelligencer 

“Another great performance”
~ Upham’s Corner News 

“Larget-Caplan’s arrangement of Bach’s Fugue in D Minor BWV 961 was masterful and an impressive presentation of his virtuosity in a beautifully running bass line executed with poise and precision.”
~ J. Wanée, Boston Musical Intelligencer


“The wonderful guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan… got to shine and show off his technical prowess.”
~ S. Miron, Duo Recital, Boston Musical Intelligencer


“He performed with elegant precision, stunning ornamentation and fine voicing,”
~ J. Wanée, Boston Musical Intelligencer


“Larget-Caplan’s playing came through exuberantly, bringing forth a Hemingway-in-Spain ardor and ambiance to the hall”
~ A. Turpin, The Armenian Weekly


“The magnificent musical talent of Aaron Larget-Caplan is indeed a gift for the senses”
~ D. Beauvais, Dreamvisions 7 Radio Network


“The artist infused his playing with such subtle interpretations as to make “your heart stop.”
 His technique and interpretation are superb”
~ Upham’s Corner News


“And what a treat to hear Aaron, as he showed us how virtuoso guitar can relate to other chamber instruments with great sensitivity.”
~ K. Dreier, Director J.K. Record Conservation Fund


“[Aaron] impressed the audience with his rapidly changing chords and trill movements”
~ Alison Silver, The Brown Daily Herald


 “Larget-Caplan displays a passion that is inspiring to listen to and mesmerizing to watch…his performances entrance and amaze me.“ ~ L. Caplan, VP Higher Dreams Productions (no relation)


“A very fine young artist who is brilliant in creating new approaches and initiatives in performing and teaching classical guitar”
~ L. Leibman, Director of the Educational Bridge Project

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