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A New Work by Univ. of New Hampshire Composer Ryan Vigil

I opened my mail today to find an amazing gift of music!  Composer and good friend, Ryan Vigil, sent me a new composition like one I have never seen:  an evening length work for solo guitar; 69:30!

I am honored by the dedication and even more so by the fact that he felt inspired to create this music “out of an experience at a guitar recital by Aaron Larget-Caplan.”  Isn’t that exciting!

He writes in the note:

“I found myself struck by the unique loveliness of the sound as, in between pieces, Aaron quietly, and carefully, tuned his instrument.  Of course, the tuning of a guitar at a guitar recital is not at all uncommon; yet, on this particular occasion I was struck by the particular beauty of the instrument.  The delicate sound of harmonics and open strings; the natural and unselfconscious manner of execution; and the concentrated listening Aaron was engaged in all struck me.  In particular, the sound of the instrument – which I have long admired – struck me as more beautiful than ever before.  A short while later I decided to compose a piece which celebrated that sound, and that unselfconscious, highly attuned, kind of listening.  In recognition of the genesis of the composition, as well as my gratitude for his continuing friendship and advocacy for my music, this piece is dedicated to Aaron Larget-Caplan”

Sharing music of another for the public is a great honor, and it is truly wonderful to receive such a gift and responsibility.  I am just the messenger but a very happy messenger!

Thank you Ryan.

ps. Ryan Vigil is featured on my New Lullaby CD with the final track:  Shhhh –

pps. I’ll start working on it very soon so the public can hear more of the magic that is Ryan Vigil’s music.

Kate & Ryan Vigil with Aaron, "New Lullaby Concert" Littleton, New Hampshire

Why Politicians Should Study Bach

Why politicians should study Bach:
#1 – multiple independent voices working together for a common goal
#2 – Dissonances resolve
#3 – Say things 3x and move on
#4 – keep your sex life out of your work
#5 – add you religion but don’t alienate
#6 – Don’t hate the competition; steal from them
#7 – He makes organ slippers manly

A Spanish Evening in Review – Upham’s Corner News

On July 27, 2011, guitarist Aaron Larget-Caplan played to a full house for the second of the Greater Boston House Concerts series.  His technique and interpretation are superb.  As much as the music could be considered one genre – Spanish – each selection introduced us to yet another musical style and method for using the guitar as a music generating instrument.  See program below.

Aaron Larget-Caplan playing live!

Everyone in attendance had their favorite pieces and for this writer Recuerdos de la Alhambra was that.  The artist infused his playing with such subtle interpretations as to make “your heart stop.”  The evening’s selection of music has yet to be recorded but we, the listeners, would surely scarf up the CD’s in no time were he to do that.

Program for A Spanish Evening

August 4, 2011 • Editor of Upham’s Corner News

See the original online review: