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Thanksgiving – gratefulness, perfection, music

On this day of reflection I give thanks. Yes, being grateful is to take part in the past and present through contemplation of the past year’s events and say thank you. I have found that though we can be hopeful for what the future brings it is the past we give thanks to: good friends, successful business, health, etc. It is a wish to give thanks for a beautiful future, while being thankful is an acknowledgment of actions well done. For those who are curious, I consider good friendship, good business and good health to be verbs, for without proper actions all of them become stale and damaging to ourselves and each other.

I do believe that there are many people who are grateful each day and continue to create gratefulness in their lives. The number of us who live with contentment and acceptance of ourselves must continue to grow and radiate through out the world. This does not mean a rejection of materials or wants, but an appreciation and acceptance of where we are at and what we have at this moment in our lives; each day we must find our own level of perfection.

I am often told that seeking perfection in an action or endeavor is negative and that I must accept that something will never be perfect. I must disagree. I am grateful that each day I accept a level of perfection in my life and be content with my growth so far. I am also grateful for the desire and ability to continue to ‘move that carrot’ so as to grow more into myself each day. Read more

New Music from Boston and Beijing, 11/23/09

Last night I attended a wonderful concert of new music at the The Fenway Center hosted by Northeastern University and featuring compositions from the New England Conservatory and the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing.

A program of  electroacoustic, mixed media, with and w/out western and eastern instruments I came to the night with excitement and a bit of trepidation, having recalled the years of attending crazy long new music concerts as a student at the New England Conservatory .  For those who know me, I do not say a concert was wonderful often, but this had the energy, variety and quality to keep me on the edge of my seat.

The first half featured compositions by Ronald Bruce Smith (NU), Beijing students Dou Tian Tian (tape), Yao Xintong, Liu Lingzi and Anthony Paul De Ritis (NU).  The language was tonal and the cycling of patterns was evident without taking over the pieces; the music shined through.  Vicky Chow, piano, and Demetrius Spaneas, saxophone, gave exciting performances, though I would like to hear Demetrius play the De Ritis work again in a setting more suited for 4-channel audio. Read more

Home Ownership Lesson #1

Vocabulary for understanding contractor/plumber/electrician (general)

Says: “1-2 hours,” Means: 1 day
Says: “4 hours,” Means: 2 days
Says: “1 Day,” Means: 3 Days
Says: “1 week,” Means: 2-3 weeks

Says: “No problem,” Means: Wants to do the job though expect problems
Says: “Not easy,” Means: Not hard but doesn’t want to exert himself

* You may find someone who can do what they say, though expect a problem afterwards that will require them to return.