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On this day of reflection I give thanks. Yes, being grateful is to take part in the past and present through contemplation of the past year’s events and say thank you. I have found that though we can be hopeful for what the future brings it is the past we give thanks to: good friends, successful business, health, etc. It is a wish to give thanks for a beautiful future, while being thankful is an acknowledgment of actions well done. For those who are curious, I consider good friendship, good business and good health to be verbs, for without proper actions all of them become stale and damaging to ourselves and each other.

I do believe that there are many people who are grateful each day and continue to create gratefulness in their lives. The number of us who live with contentment and acceptance of ourselves must continue to grow and radiate through out the world. This does not mean a rejection of materials or wants, but an appreciation and acceptance of where we are at and what we have at this moment in our lives; each day we must find our own level of perfection.

I am often told that seeking perfection in an action or endeavor is negative and that I must accept that something will never be perfect. I must disagree. I am grateful that each day I accept a level of perfection in my life and be content with my growth so far. I am also grateful for the desire and ability to continue to ‘move that carrot’ so as to grow more into myself each day.

Though our recorded world says otherwise, a piece of music is not static therefore its perfection continues to change and grow; hopefully with the performer, and overtime becoming the performer’s as much as the composer’s creation; perfect and forever moving into new realms. If we give ourselves to the music our selves will shine through. As my teacher Dmitry Goryachev says, “You must put your face on the piece.”

A cook transfers his energies (good or bad) into the food with or without his knowledge; a painter paints a mountain differently than a sea; a musician’s music is a reflection of his self with his technique allowing the music to blossom unhindered. A painting or writing can be finished with the final stroke or period, though it can be constantly repainted or rewritten to the artist’s desire but live music must be recreated as a new experience and put back in the ether at each performance.

As a creation music is perfect, but we must constantly work to recreate it with ourselves as we continue to grow. Like a relationship the music and the performer must grow together to stay alive. This creation is not easy but essential to life. If the heavens and earth took six days why would a piece of music (ART) be created so easily.

For this work and life I am grateful. My soul is content though not at rest. This is life in music and music in life!

Happy Thanksgiving,

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