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Happy New Year & Winter-Spring 2020

There are firsts in 2020 beginning right away!

Dear Music Lovers,
I am looking forward to an exciting year of music making. The next few months will hear 35+ different solo and chamber pieces including multiple premieres, new arrangements, and a few commissions. ¡Guitar + Electronics!
For the first time I will be Musician in Residence at the Banff Centre for Arts & Creativity in Canada beginning this Monday, where I will continue my exploration of John Cage on Guitar. February brings recording contemporary music and touring ¡Con Fuego!. In March & April I join violist Michael Hall for concerts in NYC & Boston, before doing a solo tour in California. Balancing the many programs and projects is a challenge, but I’m a professional. It’s what I do.
Read below about a new Cage edition from Edition Peters, as well as new videos, AND you can follow my Banff experience on social media. Click on the symbols on the top right to join in the fun.
May 2020 bring peace, great adventures, a bit of bubbly, and great music to all!

*Go to Aaron’s Calendar for concert details!

CAGE: PIANO MUSIC – New Edition!

I am very pleased to announce that Edition Peters has released the 2nd edition of my JOHN CAGE: PIANO MUSIC ARRANGED FOR GUITAR, and it includes TWO additional pages of notes!
The notes gives context to the works, a few thoughts on interpretation, and ideas how to approach them as a guitarist.
*Check out the wonderful review of the editions in the Fall 2019 edition of Soundboard

Go to Edition Peters to get your copy:
The holidays aren’t over yet!!

Soundboard Score+Album Reviews

CAGE: PIANO MUSIC ARRANGED FOR GUITAR (Edition Peters): “I would strongly advocate these compositions to be performed by young guitarists before they start working on any other contemporary composers.”
– Soundboard, Vol. 45, No. 3, p. 55

JOHN. CAGE. GUITAR. (Stone Records): “[Bacchanale] is a marvelous racket! The artist, who did all of the arrangements, is greatly to be commended for this project, for which he also provided the fascinating liner notes. As noted earlier, recorded sound is crystalline.” – Soundboard, vol. 45, No. 3, p. 57

*Author was notified of name spelling mistake. It’s disturbing…