New Album – DRIFTING

DRIFTING – Volume 3 of the New Lullaby Project.

Releases on June 4 on Stone Records

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Streaming available world wide on August 6.

Aaron Larget-Caplan continues his exploration of the lullaby with the third volume of 21st century guitar music with Drifting. The 15 solos for his New Lullaby Project were written between 2010 and 2020 by composers from four countries, and recorded in November 2020. All are world premiere recordings!

From the booklet:

In Drifting, some lullabies plead to or reflect humanity, while others testify to a memory and affirmation of a time passed by. There are lullabies born from an improvisation (Rivchun), patience and hope in love (Turner), a nod to Francisco Tarrega (Pence) and sleeping beauty (Drozd). One was written while I gave a lecture (McDonald), and others inspired by a nodding head (Green) and a dancing baby (Veloso). Some tell us to let the day be (Scharf), others acknowledge the troubles that await outside of our dream world (Schreiner), and then we hear a prayer and plea (Odriozola/Warren) and touches of love and friendship (Trester/Wiese). All the time a gorgeous 12-tone lullaby (Mashak) sits quietly to be discovered. The compositional language leans tonal and the tuning remains mostly standard, but don’t worry, harmonics still abound.
Mixed and mastered by the amazing Steve Hunt. Album design by the great Alex Fedorov. Produced, Performed, Recorded and Edited by Aaron Larget-Caplan.
Listen and buy now!
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