Music I am #5 – Johnathan McCullough, baritone

1.    The moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician:
Los Angeles Opera and Opera Pacific Opera camps are what affirmed my decision to go into the arts in college. Performing Oppenheimer in Doctor Atomic is what confirmed it for me that this was the career I wanted to go after. 
2.     An important skill for a career in music that does not have anything to do with an instrument or making music:

I think organizational skills and good communication are essential. 

3.     Two ways you stay motivated:
Determination to outdo myself and conceiving new projects
4.     Latest album or recording project:
Soldier Songs by David T. Little

4a.     What inspired it:
Mental Health in the veteran community
4b.     Who’s on it:
Myself, Corrado Rovaris, Philadelphia Opera Orchestra members, Elizabeth Braden, and Grant Loehnig
5.     How do you discover new music?
Talking to people like you!
6.     One living and one dead musician that deserves more attention:
Brian Petuch! His opera Portrait and Dream is stunning! 
7.     Where can we find you online?

Doctor Atomic at Curtis (Photo by Karlie Cadel)

Soldier Songs (photo by Phil Bradshaw)

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