Happy New Year – Favorites of 2022!

A list of random favorites from 2022!

Favorite Book: Confronting Silence by Toru Takemitsu (I read this almost every year)

Favorite Espresso: Sleeping Monk, Cannon Beach, Oregon & Kaha Coffee, Amesbury, Mass

Favorite Coffee Drink: Cortado

Favorite Cheese Shop: Formaggio Kitchen

Favorite Concert Halls: Tie: Little Bridges at Pomona College and Ruby G. Schulman Auditorium, Carlsbad

Favorite Croissants: Ma France, Lexington, MA • Lofty Coffee Company, Encinitas, CA

Favorite Tacos: Aria Korean Street Food, Larkin St, San Francisco, CA

Favorite Day: Tie: Birthday and Performing

Favorite Ornaments: Bach’s Little Prelude in C Minor, BWV 934, B sections SPOTIFY

Favorite Duos with Guitar: 3 Vintage Portraits by Antonio Celso Ribeiro for viola and guitar YOUTUBE

Favorite Guitar Strings: Hannabach, Trebles: Exclusive • Bass: 900 Silver 200

Favorite Headphones: Grado, Brooklyn, NY

Favorite Home Espresso Maker: La Pavoni, pictured 1984 Professional

Least Bad Airlines: Alaska, JetBlue, United: each allows guitars on board.

Favorite Fugue on Guitar: “Fiddle” Fugue in A Minor, BWV 539-1000 SPOTIFY

Favorite Day: Practice

Favorite Cut: Fermin Jamon Iberico Bellota

Favorite way to relax: Cathar Yoga

Favorite hand/fingers stretch: 90s

Favorite Coast: East to live, West to visit

Favorite Music Journal: Moleskine Art Music Notebook (out of print?)

Favorite Lesson: Each action and sound reverberates around the world, so let our actions be great and our sounds beautiful.

Favorite Music Discoveries (very limited): Ann Moss, Amanda Gookin, Miguel del Aguila, Andree-Ann Deschenes

Favorite Number: 3.3 million. Streams since November 2021

Favorite John Cage Discovery: Cheap Imitation arranged by Morton Feldman

Favorite video for viola and guitar by a Brazilian composer: Three Vintage Portraits of Exquisite Ladies Expressing Their Frame of Mind by Antonio Celso Ribeiro


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