Classical Guitar Magazine “New Lullaby” CD Review

Classical Guitar Magazine (UK), February 2011, p. 47

“This disc of a programme comprised entirely of lullabies especially written for this recording project by a variety of American composers is sub-titled 14 Enchanting Ways to Fall Asleep; what a field-day any reviewer could have had with that title if only this was a poor, inconsequential recording.  As it is, here are 50+ minutes’ worth of attractive, mostly peaceful, compositions, music to sooth and relax to.

The liner notes tell of two distinct types of lullaby:  one which gives ‘warmth and protection to the listener’, the other being of a darker nature with ‘hints of fear’’ the greater part of New Lullaby is given to the former and due to the skill of the performer, the expertise of the writing and let’s not forget the first-rate quality of the recorded sound, this is an attractive package all-around.

Ideal late-night listening – recommended.”
– Steve Marsh

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