And 3 years later!

I lived in Arlington, Mass.

Catherine and I filed our marriage license at the Arlington City Hall, which happens to be adjacent to the Robbins Library, a public library dating from the 1880’s.

Though I called it home from 2001 until 2004, I didn’t perform their until February 2020.

When my Spanish classical music and flamenco dance ensemble ¡Con Fuego! performed at Arlington’s Regent Theater just a few blocks from the library.

The Friends of the Robbins Library reached out in 2019 about performing for their Reading Room Series, which I happily agreed to.

We were very excited for the May 2020 solo concert in the historic Reading Room…

Yes…May 2020…

It did not happen.

An online concert hosted by the Friends of the Robbins Library happened in April 2021.

Not the same…

But we stayed in touch.

We made plans and on February 26, 2023 an in-person, live, breathing, physical, concert occurred!

It was exhilarating!! Packed house! Standing Ovation!! Encores! 

Thank you to the Friends of the Robbins Library, the Arlington Cultural Council, and all of those who came out to the concert. 

Though it took 3 years, it was perfect! Thank you!

Support concerts like these by signing up to be a member of the Robbins Library (HERE)

A video of the concert was made and it will be available for a limited time on YouTube. 

Looking Bach, Listening Forward

J.S. Bach – Prelude in C Major, BWV 846*
Aaron Larget-Caplan – sweet nuance
Vineet Shende – Carnatic Prelude N. 1, After J.S. Bach*
Isaac Albéniz – Granada*
Francisco Tarrega – Recuerdos de La Alhambra w/improvised introduction
Larget-Caplan – moving still
John Cage – In A Landscape*
Bach – God’s Time is the very best Time, BWV 106*
Esteban Sanlucar – Mantilla de Feria
Albéniz – Sevilla*
Alan Hovhaness – Mystic Flute* – US Premiere

*Written for or arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan

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