A note from composer Hayg Boyadjian

I received this note on December 19th from composer Hayg Boyadjian.  I premiered his new lullaby, “Cancion de Cuna” on December 10 & 18 in Cambridge & Nashua.  I recorded and performed his ‘Mi Tango’ on an Albany Records release in 2010 (Listen or Watch)

Dear Aaron:

I was very impressed in a number of ways at your New Lullaby Project Premiere Concert at the New Music School on Saturday evening where you performed twelve lullabies for guitar solo, a good number of them world premieres, including my lullaby “Cancion de Cuna”.
Performing twelve mostly new works by twelve living composers is in my mind a great accomplishment, given the amount of work involved in learning these twelve pieces, which must have required a great deal of commitment on your part. I should say that we composers are lucky to have a musician of your caliber and dedication in presenting these new works to audiences. One would have a hard time to imagine the challenges that you faced in learning these works written in a musical language that is not traditional, as the concert of Saturday demonstrated. I would wish that other musicians were as dedicated as you are in promoting the works of living composers, it is a priviledge to have you as a champion of our compositions.
Finally I should add that I enjoyed the performances of all the twelve lullabies. Each one of them written in a different musical idiom and each one communicating a different mood made the concert very interesting for its given variety.
Thank you for all your dedication to new music,

Hayg Boyadjian-composer


Hayg Boyadjian

Hayg & Aaron, Wellfleet 2010

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  1. Aaron

    Composer Martin Schreiner* wrote:
    Hayg’s eloquent comments speak for all of us who were represented on the concert. I would add that your awareness of the concert format as a forum for giving voice to the music of the present is important to building a more vibrant musical community.

    * Schreiner’s, “A Lullaby For Restless Times” was also premiered on these concerts.

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