California Tour April 2022!

I’m super excited to be getting back on the road for the first 2020.

3/30 – Class & Masterclass, SF State University, San Francisco
4/1 – Concert, Museum of Northern California Art, Chico
4/2 – Concert, South Bay Guitar Society, San Jose
4/3 – Masterclass, South Bay Guitar Society, San Jose
4/3 – Concert, Center for New Music, San Francisco
4/5-7 – Artist Residency with two concerts, CSU Bakersfield
4/8 – Classes, Cal Poly Pomona University, Pomona
4/10 – Video Shoot, Guitar Salon International (GSI)
4/11 – Guest Artist Performance for the Encinitas Guitar Orchestra
* individual information can be found at the links above or on my calendar:

A mix of new Bach keyboard arrangements, popular songs by Gershwin and Arlen, solos by John Cage and from the New Lullaby Project by Antonio Celso Ribeiro, Laurie Spiegel, Ian Wiese, Brian Schober, Ken Ueno, Antony R. Green, and Stepan Rak, the Legend of Hagoromo by Keigo Fujii, new works for guitar+electronics by Tom Flaherty, Lainie Fefferman, and Lou Bunk, and my own original compositions from ‘honey cadence’. Lots and lots of music!

Concerts are still being announced so check back in for more!

*Concert programs vary by venue.

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3 Responses to “California Tour April 2022!”

  1. David Welch

    If you have more performances in SoCal not yet on the site, I would love to know so I can pass the info on to folks I know there. Loved the Chico performance.

  2. Peter Pupping

    Loving the “New Lullaby” recording! Thank you!

  3. Aaron

    Hi David,
    So happy you enjoyed my concert at Chico. It felt so good!
    My Southern California events were private at universities and a video shoot for GSI. I’ll be back to Chico and south. Sign up to my newsletter for the latest info.

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