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Repertoire Fall 2022

After being asked what repertoire I was performing this fall, it became apparent that I needed to make a list. Some of these works are being repeated on multiple concerts, others presented by Now Musique series, many New Lullaby Project solos, and others are part of a tour in Southern California in November. I know there will be more, and I left off few encores and pieces I have’t quite committed to, but I’ll try to update. Many of the pieces are recorded or on youtube.

Did I forget anyone? If there is something you’d like to hear, leave a comment.

Repertoire Fall 2022

Roland Dyens – Tango en Skaï (1992)
Larget-Caplan – moving still (2021)
J.S. Bach – Prelude in C-major, WTC Bk 1 N. 1, BWV 846
Bach – A Small Prelude and Little Fugue BWV 926 & 961
Bach – God’s Time Is The Very Best Time, BWV 106
Tom Nazziola – Lull-a-by-the-sea (2021)
Dean Rosenthal – Sewing Piece (2021)
John Cage ­– In A Landscape* (1948)
Keigo Fujii – Legend of Hagoromo (1992)
John Johnstone – Blue Lullaby (2015)
Bach – Two small Preludes, BWV 924 & 930
Larget-Caplan – minding play (2022)
Ronald Pearl – Berceuse Inquiète (2021)
Brian Schober – Winter Lullaby (2021)
Scott Wheeler – Nachtlied (2009)
Lainie Fefferman – Carousel (2020)
Tom Flaherty – Steps & Leaps (2019)
Ian Wiese – Midnight Train (2021)
Gregory Biss – Lullaby (after Schumann) (2015)
Stefanie Lubkowski – Drifting (2018)
Dennis Bathory-Kitsz – Lullaby For Justin* (2022)
Larget-Caplan – TBA
Laurie Spiegel – Remembering (2020)
Anthony Green – Counting Backwards (2020)
Jim Dalton – World of Your Own (2012)
Michael Veloso – Little Dancer (2010)
Cutis Hughes – Lullibule (2020)
Francine Trester – Assortment!
Gershwin/Takemitsu – Summertime
Arlen/Takemitsu – Over the Rainbow
Larget-Caplan – sweet nuance (2022)
Bach – Chromatic Fantasy, BWV 903
Cage – Bacchanale (prepared guitar duo)
Vineet Shende – Carnatic Preludes, After J.S. Bach (2017, 2019)
Libby Larsen – Cajun Set (Quartet)
Thomas L. Read – Concert Champêtre (cello-guitar) (2013)
Antonio Celso Ribeiro – 3 Vintage Portraits (viola-guitar) (2018)
John Cage – Six Melodies (violin-guitar)
Ian Wiese – Seeketh Not His Own (2017)

*world premiere

New Single – Bach’s Prelude 1

Bach – Prelude No. 1 in C Major, WTC Book 1, BWV 846

The first single of my forthcoming album ‘God’s Time – Music of J.S. Bach on Guitar’ is NOW available!

The first prelude in The Well-Tempered Clavier comprises a simple arpeggio figure; the dramatic tension only builds through harmonic change. While a moment in time, the arpeggio feels eternal. Gounod based his ‘Ave Maria’ on this prelude. I raise the octave of the last measures for an ethereal conclusion.

Streaming and Download Links:

New Album Sep. 28 : God’s Time – Music of J.S. Bach on Guitar

It brings me great joy to announce that my newest album, God’s Time – Music of J.S. Bach on Guitar, will be released worldwide on September 28, 2022. Recorded in June 2022, the seeds of this program were planted in 2013, when I started arranging some keyboard preludes for guitar.

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From the Album’s Liner Notes:

In God’s Time, I sought an uplifting, challenging, and personal program to reveal new musical realms through my transcriptions of Bach’s keyboard music. The 16 tracks feature well-known compositions alongside rarely recorded ones.

There are many interpretations of Bach’s music by renowned artists to explore and ideas to internalize, which early in my career I found musically overwhelming. I took a break from programming it to allow time to study his music through unknown masters on various instruments, read more about his life, and further explore the place of music in society through writings of John Cage, Toru Takemitsu, Hazarat Inyat Kahn, and others.

Bach’s chosen musical keys typically have significance. For example, E-Flat Major (three flats) represents the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost. That said, Bach regularly changed keys depending on the instrumentation. Likewise, my key changes are suited for playability.

An album of renewal, the title track comes from a gorgeous early funeral cantata, bringing an uplifting solemn and hopeful mood to a somber event. May we find peace in the sounds and actions we create.

~ Aaron Larget-Caplan, August 2022

Music on God’s Time

1-3   Prelude, Fugue, Allegro in E-Flat Major, BWV 998
4   Prelude No. 1 in C Major, WTC Book I, BWV 846
5-6  Prelude and “Fiddle” Fugue in D Minor, BWV 539 and 1000
7   God’s Time Is The Very Best Time, “Actus tragicus,” BWV 106*
8   Chromatic Fantasy in D Minor, BWV 903
9  Prelude No. 8 in E-Flat Minor, WTC Book I, BWV 853
10-16  Six Small Preludes and A Little Fugue

* Inspired by the keyboard transcription of Seymour Bernstein.
All compositions arranged and performed by Aaron Larget-Caplan.

**Physical CDs of God’s Time will be available through Bandcamp

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