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New Lullaby CD thoughts by Author Glenn Kurtz

This is a recent note I received from author Glenn Kurtz regarding my New Lullaby CD.  If you have not read his book, Practicing: A Musician’s Return to Music, I highly recommend it.  Most of all he writes beautifully.  Though it centers on the guitar it is a story that can speak to professional musicians or general lovers of music.  It speaks about aspects of life in a conservatory and what can follow, it is personal, and informative regarding the history the most beautiful instrument in life:  the guitar.  Thanks Glenn!

“It’s not every musician who invites you to fall asleep during his performance. But while it often happens at recitals–by invitation or not–usually it’s for the wrong reasons. “New Lullaby,” despite its subtitle, “14 enchanting ways to fall asleep,” will not put you to sleep. On the contrary, it is a beautiful, perceptive, and evocative performance that earns and deserves your rapt appreciation. Most of all, however, it felt to me like a courageous exploration of a mood or a state that is rarely identified, and these days all-too rarely enjoyed: attentive peacefulness. It is the mood of listening to a story before you fall asleep, of letting your mind relax and attend. A calm, meditative, expansive, playful, serious mood of lingering with your imagination. Listening to these fourteen pieces, you have the feeling that anything might happen. Aaron Larget-Caplan’s playing is sensitive, assured, and spontaneous. Like a good storyteller, he keeps you listening and leaves you wanting more. And as with the best performances, “New Lullaby” wakes you up to a world of new experiences.”

Glenn Kurtz, author of Practicing, A Musician’s Return To Music