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New Lullaby Listen

At the invitation of composer and friend Jonathan Feist, I attended my first Valentine’s Day party at his beautiful home, a former Shaker Village Meetinghouse. I met some wonderful people, ate way too much chocolate and other sugared goodies, which included homemade root beer, and shared a bit of music.

For a very select audience of 8, composer and myself included, I played the two lullaby selections of Jonathan’s, Leaky Roof and No Time, from the New Lullaby CD master.
I found myself completely surprised by the nervousness I felt as well as by the emotional connection to the recording. All those hours of practice, conversations with the composer, edits, performances, recording bubbled up in my stomach and heated my ears. For 3 minutes I revealed myself, the art, and the sounds. Spending so much time on the project, I knew the music very well and was not worried, but they were brand new for the listeners, and in this form to Jonathan, and the weight of the responsibility to the composer and his music hit me full force.

What a rush! Hearing everyone chuckle through Leaky Roof and breathe out deeply at the end of No Time, brought such a pleasure to me. I got through. They heard and felt as each composer and musician strives for with each note played.  These moments create the addiction that get me through the harder times, and as my wife says, get me to “take on the impossible projects of music”. I live in America the land of the free to listen and not to listen. I cannot control what people listen to, but if they listen to me, and I hope they will, they will have great sounds. Great Sounds = Great Life.

Much Music,


Boston Globe Article, April 30, 2009 (featuring Aaron Larget-Caplan playing two lullabies by Jonathan (click title left):

Lullaby Serenade!

New Lullaby Project CD – gettin’ closer

I’m off to pick up the master of the New Lullaby CD!
14 lullabies by 13 composers all for guitar
Good Music = Good Sleep
Dream well,
AaronNew Lullaby

Working with Composers – Interpreting Dots

Background: In 2007 I started the New Lullaby Project ( Since then I have premiered 16 new works for guitar, recorded a CD (to be released) and have many more on hand. Working with the over 20 composers has opened my eyes to what is possible in the sound and interpretation of dots (music). This is just some thoughts and observations.

One of the greatest aspects of being an artist of the performing kind, is working with artists of the creating kind, namely composers. Most of the time these dealings are wonderful and quite humbling. I have the responsibility to convey meaning through a bunch of black dots and symbols into emotions in a way that is both individual to me and respectful of the composer’s intent. One would think that since this is the case that composers would include important details in their sound realizations (scores), but no, this is not always true! Read more

This Week in Music

Had a great inaugural concert for the 3rd Wednesday Concert series at the New School of Music in Cambridge. All the music was based on the theme of “Inaugural: a Concert of Firsts”. I performed Etude 1 and Choro 1 by Heitor VIlla-Lobos. Other works by Vaugn-Williams, Crumb, Messian and monti. Quite fun.
(Video to follow)

Today I conducted a nice mini-master class for the Boston Guitar Society in Somerville. Always a fun challenge to satisfy the individual needs of one and give lessons to the whole. I was pleased with the student’s improvement, and his own content reaction to the lesson. It also opened up a couple of nice points for discussion with the audience afterwards.

Tomorrow night – Pro Musicis at Longy.

Happy Listening!

Music in Life

Our life is like an instrument: Tune it!

Happy New Year!

On this 4th day of January 2010, I have come to the great realization that this year ahead, including the days past, shall be wonderful!

The visual and aural vibrance of each day in this world attracts the wonders of the universe with its pulsing rhythms and flowing colors. The sounds envelope our lives from moment to moment and are required by our souls for their continued growth into our being. How we accept the micro and the macro of this universe is ours to deal with, no person, government or religion can say how, though advice is welcome…

Who are we? and How do we fit? are constant questions in our lives and can only be answered for a moment by living, before needing to be asked again, for life lives. Our lives are music. Constantly needing to be tuned for each passing second; living and dying with each breath, and each different and new from the one that just passed. How can we not move in any direction but forward? Our memories are just memories and inadequate in their playback, for they can never bring back a moment, a first-time, with true honesty, nor should they, for we are alive when our hearts beat and our lungs expand; very powerful actions that hopefully inspire more that are no less important.

May our ears tingle in amazement in the beautiful moments of our lives in 2010 and beyond.

Happy Living!

Human Nature

People are quick to take credit for any success, and blame others for failings.

Blazing Saddles

For the first time in probably 15 years I returned to Mel Brooks’ Blazing Saddles. This amazing film, spoofs everything from cows to people with every race, color, sex (lots of it) and more taking a few belts. The biggest joke comes at the end when it is Hollywood who got a pie in the face, though after all the money this film has made in its 30+ years they probably don’t mind.I do admit to realizing that there were a number of jokes that went over my head as a 10-12 year old. I saw this movie in parts a total of 7 times before I was 15 before I sat through the whole film! The whole move is wonderful, but I have a special fondness for the subdued performance of Gene Wilder.

Mel’s humor and talent brought a big needed smile to this face. Thanks Mel! You are greatly appreciated.