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Let Him Fall in the Globe

Regarding being quoted by The Boston Globe for its article on Placido Domingo, it came as quite a morning surprise to see my tweets in the headline and article. Though I don’t own the tweets, I do stand by my words 100%.

I am a classical guitarist with little reach or influence in the opera world, let alone a star of PD’s magnitude. That said, the behavior described by the brave women, and that of many other “professionals” in the classical music field is abhorrent. The sense of entitlement is sickening and the hero worship needs to stop.

Times have not changed. It has been and will continue to be bad to harass someone for sex in all walks of life.

Being a great artist should not allow for abusive behavior. I truly believe being a great person and great artist is possible.

I find two things extremely sad about all of this:
1 – Music, the thing PD says feeds his soul and is the meaning of his life, was not enough for him; he needed power over others.
2 – The idea of how many great artists were lost because he made sure the door closed for them.

Lastly, it was not a great article by the globe. Because of my tweets I was emailed by Andersen yesterday asking to comment further. I stated I had no direct experience with PD, and am a classical guitarist with little interaction in the opera world. I was not informed of the article nor of the use of my tweets. Again, I stand by them, but I do think the Boston Globe can do better.

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