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New Release – Passacaglia by David W. Solomons

NEWS: My latest release is now available!

Passacaglia, is an arrangement I did for UK composer David Solomons in May of this year. It is a picturesque stroll down a cobblestone street where birds are dashing about, and the breeze runs through the hanging flowers in the balconies above. Not a lullaby!

Passacaglia by David Warin Solomons
Arranged for solo guitar and performed by Aaron Larget-Caplan

A passacaglia is a gentle stroll in triple time with a basso ostinato, which can vary. The word is an Italian term based on the Spanish words pasar and calle, indicating a walk down a street. The basso ostinato with its harmonic progressions is based on a sketch which David wrote back in 1973.
This version for guitar solo, arranged by Aaron is the latest of many versions (organ solo, flute sextet, flute and guitar, flute and strings).

VIDEO: (not the same audio recording as found on Amazon and Bandcamp).

David Warin Solomons (b. 1953) is a self-taught composer specialising in lyrical styles for instrumental and vocal combinations in various modes including Whole tone, Dorian and Octatonic. He began composing in 1969, starting mainly with works for classical guitar solo and, voice and guitar and then progressing to choral, chamber and orchestral music.
He has also sung (alto) in various church and cathedral choirs, which has, to a certain extent, informed his music style.
For more information about David Warin Solomons and his compositions and arrangements, including audio clips and score samples, visit (main catalogue site) and his youtube site