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John Cage Guitar album cover John. Cage. Guitar.
(Nov. 2018) Stone Records Limited
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What Story album cover What Story? – Music of Thomas L. Read
(May 2018) American Composers Alliance
John Cage Piano Music Arranged for Guitar Cage - Piano Music Arranged for Guitar
Arrangements by Aaron Larget-Caplan
(Nov. 2017) Now Available through Edition Peters.
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Early & mid-career music by John Cage arranged for guitar. Featuring guitar solos, violin-guitar, prepared guitar duos with Sharan Leventhal and Adam Levin. 
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Concert Champêtre for cello & guitar Rafael Popper-Keizer & Aaron Larget-Caplan
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Three Easy Pieces (Round, Duo, Infinite Cannon)
A Room
Chess Pieces
In A Landscape
6 Melodies by John Cage Six Melodies by John Cage
(Nov. 2016) Edition Peters
Violin & Guitar, arranged by Aaron Larget-Caplan
Two Lullabies by Johnathan Feist Leaky Roof & No Time
Scores by Jonathan Feist
Sheet music - 5 pages

Video - Leaky Roof
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My Darling's Slumber by Francine Trester My Darling's Slumber
Score by Francine Trester
Sheet music - 3 pages

Video - My Darling's Slumber
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See live video of the duo: https://youtu.be/ItyE1mL7nOY
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Score Details
Written for Aaron's New Lullaby Project. Leaky Roof & No Time are moderately-easy works for solo guitar.
Leaky Roof – The pitter-patter of rain on your rooftop might be a relaxing sound to you, but when your old roof leaks—particularly in your three-year-old's bedroom—it is actually quite stressful. This lullaby was written about two weeks following a December 2008 ice storm, which left my house without power, heat, and water for six days. Finally, the power came back up, and we returned home, ice storm refugees no more. I composed "Leaky Roof" late at night to calm my own nerves, hoping that my son, Forrest, wouldn't be awoken by a new drip. -- Jonathan Feist • www.JonathanFeist.com
Premiered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 2009
Commissioned by Aaron Larget-Caplan
Dedicated to Forrest
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Written for Aaron's New Lullaby Project. My Darling's Slumber is a moderately difficult piece.
The melody to My Darling's Slumber is loosely derived from an inversion of the melody to Stephen Foster's folk lullaby, "Slumber My Darling." That is the reasoning behind the inverted title as well.
The Foster melody is one that I grew up with and have always found comforting and beautiful. It was the first material that came to mind when Aaron approached me about his New Lullaby Project. As a Professor of Counterpoint, I'm often teaching inversion and other forms of motivic manipulation. So, under that influence, I began to wonder what possibilities inverting the Foster might bring...
The meter and harmony of my lullaby is independent of the Foster, and much of the melodic material is unrelated to the inversion as well. So perhaps the derivation is only somewhat relevant to the listener. But for me, the Foster provided a starting point, a comforting place of return and reimagining. -- Francine Trester • www.FrancineTrester.com
Premiered in Cambridge, Massachusetts, May 2009
Commissioned by Aaron Larget-Caplan
The Legend of Hagomoro Album Cover The Legend of Hagoromo
Stone Records
(Dec. 2015)
New Lullaby - Front Cover New Lullaby
Six String Sounds (2010)
Tracing a Wheel on Water - Front Cover Tracing a wheel on water
Tracing a wheel on water (2006)
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Comprising an intoxicating mixture of Japanese and American music, this fusion-recital is brilliantly conceived and performed by the young American virtuoso.

1. Fujii: The legend of Hagoromo
2. Brouwer: Hika, in memoriam Toru Takemitsu
3. Takemitsu: Equinox
4. Ueno: Ed è subito sera*
5. Nakamura: Sui-hou*
6. Arlen: Over the rainbow
7. Gershwin: Summertime
8. Schreiner: Japanese idyll no.1*
9. Schreiner: Japanese idyll no.2*
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1. Lynn Job: The Sixth Night
2. Jonathan Feist: Leaky Roof
3. Jonathan Feist: No Time
4. Francine Trester: My Darling's Slumber
5. Scott Wheeler: Nachtlied
6. Kevin Siegfried: Cradle Song
7. Mark Small: Descent To A Dream
8. Nolan Stolz: Lullaby For Sam
9. Carson Cooman: Unfolding the Gates of Dawn, A Morning Lullaby
10. John McDonald: You Are Alone To Sleep, Op 430
11. David Vayo: Berceuse
12. David Leisner: Disturbed, A Lullaby
13. Song Softly Sung, In Trying Times
14. Ryan Vigil: Shhhh

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Aaron's first CD!
1. Six for a Dance * – Lior Navok
2. Equinox – Toru Takemitsu
3-4. Two Wind Dances * – Daniel Pinkham
5. Cancion de cuna – Leo Brouwer
6. Tracing a wheel on water * – Kevin Siegfried
7. Ojos Brujos – Leo Brouwer
8. El Abejorro – Emilio Pujol
9-11. La Catedral – Agustín Barrios
12 Tango en Skaï – Roland Dyens
* World Premiere Recording
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Perceptions Perceptions
various artists
Navona Records (2013)
Gershwin Summertime Summertime
Summertime - Written by George Gershwin, arranged by Toru Takemitsu (2011)
Hayg Boyadjian - Vientos Vientos solo
Vientos - Music of Hayg Boyadjian
Albany Records (2010)
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CAPRICCI by Thomas Read - World Premiere Guitar & String Quartet.
*Written for and dedicated to Aaron
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Various Artists
'Mi Tango' – World Premiere Recording
$20 with Shipping
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Classic American Songs CD Classic American Songs
duo & trio
Classical American Songs (2011) Donald Wilkinson, baritone
Aaron Larget-Caplan, guitar
Diablo y Tango Diablo y Tango - duo
Diablo y Tango (2008)
Sunday Sounds Sunday Sounds Special Concert Series
Album Details
3. Jeanie with the Light Brown Hair – Stephen Foster
4. Beautiful Dreamer – Stephen Foster
13. Nature Boy – Eden Abba
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Exotic Love Songs & Dances for violin & guitar. Works of Manuel De Falla and Astor Piazzolla.
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The Hingham Public Library 10th Anniversary CD, 2007. Produced by the BCGS with 12 tracks featuring music performed by Boston Area guitarists.
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