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Planet Wave’s Pro-winder

Planet Wave’s Pro-Winder w/ Clipper
Planet Wave’s Pro-Winder w/ Clipper is a must for professionals, amateurs, and student guitarists. Though it does not tie the strings for the guitarist, wouldn’t that be great, it streamlines the tedious process of manually turning the tuning head with one’s fingers by adding a 360-degree ergonomic winder between hand and tuner. No more nail snags on neighboring tuning heads and goodbye wrist fatigue. Because of this tool, and good tying abilities, I am able to change all of my strings and get to pitch completely in about 15 minutes. Staying in pitch takes a bit longer!
As I have destroyed a number of nail clippers and dinged older guitars with wire cutters trying to cut strings, I am very happy about the built in string cutting tool. It works perfectly well on nylon and steel string. I have not had the opportunity to use it with gut strings, but it would probably be just fine.
The Pro-Winder is small and light, so I am able to carry it in a small pack with other music making tools for all of my teaching and travels. As it is made of plastic one need not worry about breaking it if dropped. A somewhat common occurrence for it and my metronome.
For beginners, the Pro-Winder makes time consuming event easy, allowing for more practice and fun!
Try it out for yourself.

Planet Wave's Pro-winder

For purchasing try your local music store, if it still exists, or try Guitar Salon International: