Happy New Year!

On this 4th day of January 2010, I have come to the great realization that this year ahead, including the days past, shall be wonderful!

The visual and aural vibrance of each day in this world attracts the wonders of the universe with its pulsing rhythms and flowing colors. The sounds envelope our lives from moment to moment and are required by our souls for their continued growth into our being. How we accept the micro and the macro of this universe is ours to deal with, no person, government or religion can say how, though advice is welcome…

Who are we? and How do we fit? are constant questions in our lives and can only be answered for a moment by living, before needing to be asked again, for life lives. Our lives are music. Constantly needing to be tuned for each passing second; living and dying with each breath, and each different and new from the one that just passed. How can we not move in any direction but forward? Our memories are just memories and inadequate in their playback, for they can never bring back a moment, a first-time, with true honesty, nor should they, for we are alive when our hearts beat and our lungs expand; very powerful actions that hopefully inspire more that are no less important.

May our ears tingle in amazement in the beautiful moments of our lives in 2010 and beyond.

Happy Living!

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