New Press Photos + Contest

I had the pleasure of working with Paula Morin in Salem, Massachusetts recently for some new press photos. 

Do you have a favorite?

Write your answer below (see letters below for corresponding pictures) and many lucky winners will receive free bling and an album download!a,b,c,


* Click on the photo block to make them bigger

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13 Responses to “New Press Photos + Contest”

  1. Mia Moravis

    Aaron ~ so, so hard to choose, as each one is wonderful, though C and K really capture you in all your artistry and essence!

  2. bev

    i, with a a close second

  3. Mom

    I vote for ‘e’ and I am not at all biased!

  4. Marty Schreiner

    I like letter “i”.

  5. Shlomo pilo

    1st choise-c, 2nd- i

  6. Maura

    d and i

  7. Carol


  8. Renee

    I vote for A – with K as a second. Nice photos Aaron!

  9. Antonio

    I vote d and i

  10. Antonio

    d and i

  11. Laura

    C & G, both so fine!

  12. Catherine

    A and G are my favorites

  13. Lynn

    A and C – A for sure, but they are all winners!

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