Music I Am #39 – Lisa Neher, Mezzo-Soprano and Composer

The moment when you knew you wanted to be a musician:

During my 2nd year at college, a senior voice major asked me to sing duets with her on her degree recital. It was my first time collaborating closely with a peer as a singer to make artistic choices and shape a piece of music. We also got to work closely with our faculty collaborative pianist as equals. The joy of that process was infectious! I knew that I had to keep doing this!

An important skill for a career in music that does not have anything to do with an instrument or making music:

Developing hobbies & relationships outside of music. When you turn your passion into your career, a pitfall is that you can “live and die” by how your music making is going, and over-identify with what you do: “I am what I do.” It’s important to cultivate joy and activities in your life outside of music, so that you regularly find happiness and satisfaction outside of your musical life. You’ll have more resiliency for your music making when you do!

Two ways you stay motivated:

Put a rehearsal, performance, coaching, lesson, or appointment with a friend to share your work on the calendar. Oftentimes a slump happens when there is too much time in between external deadlines and we lose motivation or spiral into crippling self-doubt and self-criticism. When you have to share your work, as challenging as it can be, it helps clarify your practice time and

Latest Project:

Evergreen & Oak Trio’s Pacific Northwest Tour of chamber music by living composers.






What inspired it:

My colleagues Rose Bishop, Abbie Brewer, and I love the music of living composers and are passionate about sharing this music with audiences in intimate venues!

Who’s on it:

Performers: Rose Bishop, flute, Abbie Brewer, piano, Lisa Neher, mezzo-soprano Works, Composers & Poets: Bentley Roses (selections) by James Whitcomb Riley & Jennifer Higdon Rhythms from the North Country by Gwyneth Walker American Waters by Lisa Neher Bokeh by Zachery Meier Little Fish by D.H. Lawrence & Lisa Neher Leopard Yoruba folk poem, translated by Ulli Beier & Lisa Neher Zéphyros by Marco Zàppia American City (selections) by Judith Lang Zaimont Seal Mother by Lisa Neher she conjures by bea goodwin & Lisa Neher Song of the Forgotten Rose by Sabrina Peña Young

How do you discover new music?

I go to concerts, listen to the music my friends are playing and composing, and follow composers and performers

One living and one dead musician that deserves more attention:

Living: Kimberly Osberg

Dead: Maria Felicita Malibran

Where can we find you online?
Threads: @lisanehermezzo
Instagram: @lisanehermezzo
Facebook: @lisanehermusic
Spotify – 3 of my compositions: Seal Mother, Reach Out, and Night Song for Moths
Bandcamp –  3 of my compositions: Seal Mother, Reach Out, and Night Song for Moths

Upcoming Event you’d like to share?

Experiments in Opera’s Five Ways to Die New Opera Workshop on November 10th in NYC

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