Six Strings Around the World – CD Review

The legend of Hagoromo, Stone Records 2015

“To write that Larget­-Caplan has something to boast about would be to say too little, the guitarist is not afraid of any tempo, with each increasingly spectacular fragment coming through not only with lightness, but with recklessness.”

“The interpretation is refined, every phrase flattering, every sound consciously derived. This artist approaches the played pieces with enormous respect, trying to above all reveal the idea of the composer.”

“A delicious and poetic interpretation of Takemitsu’s Equinox

“Certainly for the better parts ­ and the quality of their presentation ­ the album is worth a listen.”

– Six Strings Around the World (February 2016)


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  1. Martin Schreiner

    Congratulations Aaron! I think the reviewer is right on the money about your wonderful playing, interpretation, and enormous respect for the intentions of the compositions. I know that I could not have asked for a more intelligent, more musical, and more wonderful performance of my “Idylls.” Though, apparently, Mr. Lazar does not consider my Idylls among “the better parts … worth a listen.” I would hope that listeners would still find pleasure in your exceptional performances of my “Two Japanese Idylls” in spite of my apparent ‘superficial understanding’ and writing such ‘bad examples’ for your CD. I hope that most people enjoy hearing you play these pieces as much as I do! 😉 All the best –Marty

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