New Publication – Prelude N. 1 in C Major by J.S. Bach

Aaron’s arrangement of Bach’s ‘Prelude No. 1 in C major, WTC I, BWV 846’ is now available for  PDF download!

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From the score notes:
Prelude I, BWV 846 by J.S. Bach (1685-1750) is the first of 24 preludes and fugues written as an exploration of all of the major and minor western keys using well-tempered tuning for keyboard instruments: organ, harpsichord, clavichord, spinet, fortepiano, and lute harpsichord. A second book following the same structure was prepared about 20 years after the first. Though there are other composers who wrote works exploring the 24 keys prior, Bach’s is the most well-known.
The Prelude in C-major (no sharps or flats) follows a progression of arpeggiated chords touching multiple keys as it climaxes on an exquisite pedal point in the Dominant before returning to C-major. One of the most often arranged of Bach’s compositions, it was most famously the basis of Ave Maria by Charles Gunoud.
About this Arrangement – The regular arpeggio gesture is straightforward on piano, but on guitar the performer may have to do a few adjustments to keep this gesture clear. The performer should play the arpeggios over multiple strings as much as possible allowing the notes to ring beyond their notated values. The music can be realized in various ways; hence the fingerings are suggestions, i.e. measures 25-31 can be played without a Barre. For an ethereal conclusion, I raised the octave of the last measures.
Arranged for moderate level and above players, the solo is written in Drop D (E string 6 tuned down to D). The arrangement includes a brief history of the work, performance notes, and ornament realization.

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