New Lullaby, the CD – 14 Enchanting ways to fall asleep

14 Enchanting ways to fall asleep

New Lullaby Cover

The first CD of 14 New Lullabies by 13 Composers is now available for purchase and download. The release will be done throughout the year with it being spread to itunes, bandcamp, amazon, etc as it gets passed around. As you are all early supporters you can preview and purchase/download the CD at:

This is SO new that it is not even up on the website yet (

I have heard it works as a sleep tool, as well as a very satisfying musical experience.

Buy it, listen, review, pass the word!

On another note, I premiered #’s 18 and 19 by Kota Nakamura and David Patterson on May 8th on a New Music Hartford Concert and performed them again that night in Jamaica Plain, MA and this past Wednesday night in Cambridge. Other works included the haunting “Berceuse” of David Vayo (with David whistling in Hartford), Jonathan Feist’s “No Time”, Nolan Stolz’s “Lullaby For Sam” and Francine Trester’s “My Darling’s Slumber”.

Listen Well,

Aaron Larget-Caplan, ZZZzzzuitar

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